SAP Condition Contract Settlement

Easy and efficient Solutions for your Agreement Management with SAP CCS

The complete and automated settlement of conditions is a crucial element of condition management, in addition to the actual negotiation. All contract components such as bonuses, advertising allowances, scale levels, discounts, etc. must be fully taken into account. Automated settlement with SAP Condition Contract Settlement (SAP CCS) speeds up the process and ensures that no conditions are overlooked or forgotten. This allows you to focus on what’s important: optimizing your agreements and improving your margins.

With Enhancement Package 6 (EHP6), SAP has stopped further development of MM-Bonus and SD-Bonus and instead introduced SAP CCS, which meets current requirements and is also already aligned with SAP S/4HANA Settlement Management. As a leading consulting and solution provider for condition contract management, gicom supports you in implementing SAP CCS/ Settlement Management or migrating your existing solution quickly and efficiently. We implement the new standard from SAP and realize your requirements for successful settlement of all conditions. In the future, you will no longer need to manually merge data on your condition contracts.

Leverage the full potential with:

  • SAP CCS (Condition Contract Settlement)
  • SAP S/4HANA Settlement Management
  • SAP LO-AB (Agency Business)
  • SAP SD Rebates / SD Bonus
  • SAP MM Rebates / MM Bonus

SAP CCS - an important Part of Agreement Management

The condition contract is a powerful tool that allows you to record customized conditions for your suppliers, customers and products. Here, all relevant information is bundled to enable efficient management of your agreements. From condition grantees and owners to a detailed list of beneficiaries and special conditions such as discounts or prices, the condition contract gives you control over your business relationships.

But with a large number of suppliers, customers and products, it can be difficult to keep track of all current condition contracts and compare conditions. This is where condition contract management comes in. With efficient condition contract management, buyers can access all relevant information quickly and easily.

Condition Contract Management is particularly important for renegotiating discounts, bonuses, advertising allowances (WKZ) and subsequent remuneration. Without quick access to all the information contained, agreement management becomes inefficient and valuable savings can be lost.

Rely on a professional condition contract management solution to make your negotiations successful. gicom’s condition contract management experts are here to support you!

Making refund management transparent with CCS and gicom

In the course of negotiations between dealers and suppliers, not only discounts and advertising allowances are often agreed upon, but also a subsequent remuneration. This can be negotiated in the form of percentages, unit rebates or fixed amounts and often depends on minimum sales and quantity.

But what exactly is refund management between business partners? Refunds are granted after certain sales targets have been met. Effective management of this retroactive compensation is essential to increase the profitability of purchasing activities as well as sales and to realize potential savings.

Rely on a professional retroactive compensation management solution to ensure that all terms and conditions of the condition contract are kept in mind and that the agreed compensation is actually granted. Efficient management of retroactive remunerations is an important part of condition contract management and contributes significantly to the optimization of your billing processes.

gicom and SAP CCS chargeback
gicom and SAP CCS chargeback

Successful Condition Contract Management with gicom

gicom supports you holistically in your end-to-end process with modern condition contract management. We offer you solutions for planning, simulation, calculation, negotiation, automated settlement and distribution, as well as the follow-up of negotiation rounds. Increase your margins and profitability with our award-winning innovations.

Transfer the new conditions directly into your existing SAP system and receive automatically generated settlements. Rely on our expertise and experience in condition contract management for successful implementation

gicom process cycle

Solutions by gicom for your Condition and Negotiation Management

Condition contract management works easily with gicom’s solutions – watch this video to see how it works and experience the benefits.

Optionally extend your condition contract management with the gicom platform. gicom condition and agreement management extends SAP CCS with additional functions that significantly increase your margin and profit.


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  • Revenue bases for calculating terms can be defined flexibly
  • Highly flexible conditions
  • Settlement via SAP LO-AB including a collective invoice
  • Congruent data as a basis for subsequent analyses and simulations
  • Clear user interface


  • Increased transparency of the development of revenue and income from conditions
  • Automated processes save time and minimize susceptibility to errors
  • Seamless linking of negotiation management with settlement of conditions and the gicom solution with the SAP standard

Trust in gicom's Expertise in SAP Condition Contract Settlement

With over 20 years of experience in the market and more than 80 specialists for condition and agreement management in 16 countries, gicom is your reliable partner for effective condition contract management. We offer customized solutions for customers from more than 40 well-known companies and have already successfully supported more than 3500 users. Benefit from our expert knowledge and innovative solutions for contract management, including:

  • Preparation of technical and IT concepts for implementation and integration of SAP CCS and Settlement Management
  • Migration service for MM Bonus/ SD Bonus to SAP CCS
  • Expertise in the integration of Supply Chain, Purchasing, Sales, Merchandising, Agency Business, Centralized Settlement, Financial Accounting, and Controlling
  • Process optimization for your contract management
  • Mapping of customer-specific requirements for settlement, distribution, and allocation
  • Development of individual SAP Fiori / SAPUI5 applications
  • Perfect integration of existing systems of your application and system landscape
  • Customer-specific reporting and analytics
  • Complementary add-ons and expansions for negotiation management, contract management and documentation

We are successful in what we do - in over 16 countries

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specialists in negotiation and condition management

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Are you currently using an internally developed solution or SAP MM Bonus / SD Bonus (MM Rebates / SD Rebates)?

With Enhancement Package 6 (EHP6), SAP ceased development of MM Bonus and SD Bonus and introduced SAP Condition Contract Settlement (SAP CCS), a solution that meets current requirements and is also geared towards SAP S/4HANA Settlement Management with the future in mind.

gicom is the leading consultancy and solution provider for negotiation and agreements management. Benefit from our best practices! With our support, you can introduce SAP CCS / Settlement Management or migrate your existing solution quickly and efficiently!

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